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Trip to Florianópolis - Winter 2022

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Airport and Airbnb

After an overnight flight connecting through Campinas, we arrived in Floripa in the morning. Shortly after landing, we saw these pretty comfortable hanging chairs so we just relaxed for a bit and then had lunch at the airport.

Airport 2

We made a pretty nice deal with our hosts. It was a beautiful house in Campeche, designed neatly by architects, that cost almost the same as a modest apartment nearby.



Lagoa da Conceição

A very walkable neighborhood with beaches, dunes, hills, and the biggest lagoon on the island. In high season, transit is chaotic on the whole island but even in low season we recommend you to avoid this neighborhood in rush hours.

Mirante do Morro da Lagoa da Conceição

Joaquina dunes

Ribeirão da Ilha

A preserved neighborhood with Azorean architecture and a great place to eat seafood, especially fresh oysters since it's the biggest producer of oysters in Brazil. Pretty expensive though.




My favorite neighborhood in Floripa. It's a very walkable place with a lot of things to do. On the weekends, only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed to cross the Hercilio Luz Bridge. Next trip we'll definitely stay here.

Downtown tree

Downtown park

Downtown shore

Trilha do Gravatá

This is one of the trails we walked in Floripa. It's not as easy as people say on the Internet. About two hours of walking (one to go and another to come back) with lots of ups and downs. But it's worth it, we even touched a couple of wild horses on the way back.

Trilha do Gravatá

Trilha do Gravatá 2


Barra da Lagoa

A small and remarkably beautiful fishing village.

Barra da Lagoa



Jurerê Internacional

A planned neighborhood, Jurerê Internacional looks like Miami Beach. It's filled with sophisticated mansions and has a wild nightlife. Since we don't like clubs, we spent our time there visiting the fort and walking the place.

Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa


Jurerê International

That's all Folks!

  • My photos have no filters, so you can see how magical the city is.
  • Floripa is a nickname for Florianópolis. It's also known as the Magic Island.
  • Unlike most cities in Brazil, Floripa is very safe to visit.
  • We visited Floripa during winter, which is low season. Beware that most houses are not built to handle the cold and don't have heat.

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