Breno Baptista
Low-poly portrait of Breno Baptista

I’m a software engineer who likes to explore new things every day. I write blog posts about things I’ve found interesting during my daily explorations on the web. I’m interested in Linux, open-source software, digital privacy and front-end development.


3 Hidden Ways to Create Instant Gmail Aliases

Legally blame the spammers in your inbox.

Rescuing Unresponsive GUI on Linux

Gaming on Linux is so cool that it freezes your desktop!

Battery Charging Threshold for Acer laptops on Linux

Leverage open-source tools to achieve the Acer Care Center feature.

OAuth2 refresh token grant in Apollo Client

An elegant solution to this problem.

Model for Microservices-Oriented Email Service

Learn how an email service works in a microservices architecture.

Improving Pop Shell and Workspaces

Fix your Pop!_OS experience with these changes.

Trip to Curitiba - Winter 2023

My recap of 21 days in Curitiba.

Detecting if Color is Light or Dark

Use this algorithm to determine relative luminance.

Customizing a Terminal With Zsh

Turn an old-fashioned terminal into your new best friend.

Trip to Florianópolis - Winter 2022

My recap of 18 days in the Magic Island.

Marking Up Accessible SVGs

Figure out the best practices for a11y.

Structuring a Go Project

Keep your Go projects easy to maintain.

Simplifying Favicons for the Modern Web

The web bloat has finally reached favicons.

Best Development Tools for JavaScript Projects

Integrate ESLint, Prettier, Lint Staged and Husky.

Reusing Entities With CSS Custom Properties

Access and change styles dynamically at any time.

Using Asynchronous Functions in JavaScript

I’m on it. When I’m done, I’ll send you the result.

Replacing React With Preact in Next.js

Increase a little performance in production.

Passing Data Through React Context API

Context provides a way to share data between components.

Shell Scripting Using Sed

How to use sed to find and replace strings in files.

Adding RSS Feed to a Static Next.js Blog

Allow visitors to get updated for new content on your blog.

Generating a Dynamic Sitemap in Next.js

Improve your SEO by providing a sitemap to search engines.

Creating Virtual Machines Using QEMU/KVM on Linux

Squeeze every last drop of performance out of your virtual machine.

Editing Images From the Terminal With ImageMagick

Use this CLI tool to create, edit, compose or convert images.

Working With SVGs in React Using SVGR

Learn how to transform an SVG into a React component.